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Samples and  Reservations

text (201) 403 - 6409

Please see suggested donations rates

Security Deposit


Upon pickup, centerpieces require a security deposit of $25 or $36, depending on the items. (Slightly more if outside the North Jersey area.) $50 for trees.



Security deposit will be returned when the centerpieces are returned in good condition. 


In a case of limited damage, a portion of the deposit will be returned. 



Suggested Donations

Please make two checks payable to Congregation Beth Aaron with "Suggested donation" in the memo of one check, and "Security deposit" in the memo of the other.
For tree rental exception see
Notes on Trees.

Please bring the two checks when viewing samples or when reserving the centerpieces.

Centerpiece Pickup and Return


Centerpieces are stored in various homes. You will be given a contact with whom to coordinate pickup and return.


Centerpieces must be returned within 5 days of the שמחה unless otherwise arranged.



Centerpieces may need to be returned sooner if requested for another שמחה.



Fragile sets may only be used for local שמחות. Contact us if your שמחה will be held outside the local area.


EXCEPTION: For 8-foot trees, a Gemach volunteer will transport trees to/from your Teaneck area שמחה.

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